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NIP-03 - OpenTimestamps Attestations for Events

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OpenTimestamps Attestations for Events

draft optional

This NIP defines an event with kind:1040 that can contain an OpenTimestamps proof for any other event:

"kind": 1040
"tags": [
["e", <event-id>, <relay-url>],
["alt", "opentimestamps attestation"]
"content": <base64-encoded OTS file data>

Example OpenTimestamps proof verification flow

Using nak, jq and ots:

~> nak req -i e71c6ea722987debdb60f81f9ea4f604b5ac0664120dd64fb9d23abc4ec7c323 wss:// | jq -r .content | ots verify
> using an esplora server at
- sequence ending on block 810391 is valid
timestamp validated at block [810391]