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NIP-36 - Sensitive Content / Content Warning

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Sensitive Content / Content Warning

draft optional

The content-warning tag enables users to specify if the event's content needs to be approved by readers to be shown. Clients can hide the content until the user acts on it.

l and L tags MAY be also be used as defined in NIP-32 with the content-warning or other namespace to support further qualification and querying.


tag: content-warning
- [reason]: optional


"pubkey": "<pub-key>",
"created_at": 1000000000,
"kind": 1,
"tags": [
["t", "hastag"],
["L", "content-warning"],
["l", "reason", "content-warning"],
["L", "social.nos.ontology"],
["l", "NS-nud", "social.nos.ontology"],
["content-warning", "<optional reason>"]
"content": "sensitive content with #hastag\n",
"id": "<event-id>"