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NIP-48 - Proxy Tags

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Proxy Tags

draft optional

Nostr events bridged from other protocols such as ActivityPub can link back to the source object by including a "proxy" tag, in the form:

["proxy", <id>, <protocol>]


Clients may use this information to reconcile duplicated content bridged from other protocols, or to display a link to the source object.

Proxy tags may be added to any event kind, and doing so indicates that the event did not originate on the Nostr protocol, and instead originated elsewhere on the web.

Supported protocols

This list may be extended in the future.

Protocol ID format Example
activitypub URL
atproto AT URI at://did:plc:zhbjlbmir5dganqhueg7y4i3/
rss URL with guid fragment
web URL


ActivityPub object:

"kind": 1,
"content": "I'm vegan btw",
"tags": [
"pubkey": "79c2cae114ea28a981e7559b4fe7854a473521a8d22a66bbab9fa248eb820ff6",
"created_at": 1691091365,
"id": "55920b758b9c7b17854b6e3d44e6a02a83d1cb49e1227e75a30426dea94d4cb2",
"sig": "a72f12c08f18e85d98fb92ae89e2fe63e48b8864c5e10fbdd5335f3c9f936397a6b0a7350efe251f8168b1601d7012d4a6d0ee6eec958067cf22a14f5a5ea579"

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