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NIP-94 - File Metadata

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File Metadata

draft optional

The purpose of this NIP is to allow an organization and classification of shared files. So that relays can filter and organize in any way that is of interest. With that, multiple types of filesharing clients can be created. NIP-94 support is not expected to be implemented by "social" clients that deal with kind:1 notes or by longform clients that deal with kind:30023 articles.

Event format

This NIP specifies the use of the 1063 event type, having in content a description of the file content, and a list of tags described below:

"kind": 1063,
"tags": [
["url",<string with URI of file>],
["m", <MIME type>],
["x",<Hash SHA-256>],
["ox",<Hash SHA-256>],
["size", <size of file in bytes>],
["dim", <size of file in pixels>],
["magnet",<magnet URI> ],
["i",<torrent infohash>],
["blurhash", <value>],
["thumb", <string with thumbnail URI>],
["image", <string with preview URI>],
["summary", <excerpt>],
["alt", <description>]
"content": "<caption>",

Suggested use cases